Breaking Free from the Shackles of PMDD: My Journey to Healing

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Holistic PMDD coaching, heal from PMDD

I didn’t know how brave I was until being brave was my only choice. This sentiment resonates deeply with my personal journey wrestling with PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). A condition that hides in plain sight, many menstruating individuals experience a plethora of debilitating emotional and physical symptoms before their menstrual cycle. For anyone walking this path, I want you to know that you are seen, you are heard, and most importantly, there is hope.

A look into my past with PMDD

Two decades. Twenty long years of feeling misunderstood, isolated, and utterly trapped within the stormy confines of my own body and mind. The darkness often felt eternal. Every month, as my cycle approached, I'd find myself entangled in a web of emotions ranging from inexplicable rage to soul-crushing sadness.

A turning point came when I typed the words ‘rage before period’ into a search engine on my computer, and up popped “Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder." Can you imagine the flood of validation upon realizing that your unspeakable pain has a name? That I wasn't alone? That 5% of individuals with PMDD had even contemplated the unthinkable? Yet, with this discovery came an ironic solitude. A new journey had begun.

Seeking Answers, Facing Roadblocks

I had researched and explored every available avenue to me. I tried SSRIs, anti-anxiety meds, ketamine therapy, made all of the diet changes, and tried all the exercise regimens, and supplements. Nothing seemed to help. 

Frustratingly, even the collective expertise of my therapist, psychiatrist, endocrinologist, OB/GYN, and GP seemed to hit a brick wall. I was lost, in pain, and it felt like there was NOTHING and no one I could go to for help. 

Understanding My PMDD Triggers

After what felt like a lifetime of dead-ends, the ‘AHA!’ moment came not from the outside but from within. I realized that the essence of healing wasn't about suppressing symptoms but understanding where they came from.

Through the journey of deep inner healing, I experienced a profound emotional release and gained clarity and self-understanding in the context of my menstrual health. It was then that I began to liberate myself.

The dread that usually accompanied my luteal phase started to ease. Month by month, the weight of PMDD lifted. Today, I stand here, with confidence and grace, to proclaim that PMDD no longer has power over me.

Why I Help Guide Others Through PMDD Journey

My triumph was not mine to keep. My healing was meant to be shared and not kept a secret. An inner voice whispered of a greater purpose: to become a beacon of hope for others. If I could navigate through the murky waters of PMDD, then so could others. This is where my quest began to be more than a survivor. I became a coach guiding other sufferers through their journey of darkness and agony into light and freedom. 

My story is one of hope and freedom. For every individual battling premenstrual disorders, know that you're not alone, healing is attainable, and a community awaits with open arms!

Together, we're scripting a new narrative – one of understanding, compassion, and triumph over PMDD. And remember, in this journey, you're never alone. I'm here, rooting for you, as we journey towards healing and freedom together.

If you are someone suffering from PMDD and are yearning for answers and freedom click HERE.