This is for you if:

  • ¬†Every month, two weeks before your period, you experience massive turbulence in your emotions. You wrestle with guilt and shame as you're unable to keep up with life, with your home and with your relationships. It's as if you've gotten lost in a dark cave and you don't know how to come out.

  • ¬†Surrounded by pain and hopelessness, your thoughts are like a running freight train, consuming you with fear and doubting your very world around you. You've become withdrawn from life from those who love you. You perceive everything around you as a threat to safety during this time.

  • ¬†You have tried to manage this pain, you have tried to keep it hidden from yourself and from others,you have spoken to trusted professionals for years and are still lost in the dark cave of your mind. It feels like you've tried everything to break the viscous cycle.

  • ¬†The two weeks before your bleed, known as your Luteal phase, creates a hormonal shift that holds a magnifying glass on every single unmet need and every single unresolved pain you've ever accumulated on your journey through life. This spotlight on the past in the present inside your body keeps you bound in painful loops that have no end.

  • ¬†You desire to find a way out of the cyclical suffering and chaos that has plagued most of your life, you are ready to fully own the pain and get to the root of it, to be free. You are brave, courageous and determined to embark on this intimate journey of self-discovery that allows true healing to unfold.

  • ¬†You have a fierce intent to feel alive again, to find the root and origin, instead of managing your symptoms

  • You deeply desire to discover your most authentic self

What you will receive:


  • 2 - Group Consultation Calls
  • 1 - Relaxation Hypnosis Recording
  • 2 - Group RTT sessions
  • 2 - Audio Hypnosis Transformational Daily Recordings
  • 1 - Group Command Cell Therapy & Healing Vortex Session
  • 1 - Unique Command Cell Therapy and Healing Vortex Hypnosis Recording
  • 8 - Group Coaching Calls supported with a workbook guide with journaling exercises
  • An invitation to join my private Living in Luteal Facebook group
  • A powerful WhatsApp peer support & inspired, in-the-moment inspirations from me
  • All calls are recorded with access given within 24 hours of recording
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Imagine a life where...
  • ¬†Your period arrives without any of the usual emotional chaos and turbulence you normally experience. You've rebuilt your mental health to have the strength to stay present, before any hormonal shifts occur, so that you can stand in your own power and remain grounded and balanced.
  • ¬†You are able to create boundaries for yourself and you live in walking wholeness knowing that you are worthy of having and living a beautiful abundant healthy life.
  • ¬†You have profound self acceptance and are empowered to say yes to yourself and have released all people pleasing.
  • ¬†You're able to accept love from your spouse or partner and you let love in, while accepting yourself for who you are. You return to your most authentic nature, loving, kind, caring, generous, empathetic, connected and present.
  • ¬†Your confidence is strong and any compulsive behaviors, anxiety or control issues are in the past. You no longer seek satisfaction externally by uncontrollably consuming food because your valued satisfaction and happiness finally comes from within.
  • ¬†Your thoughts are certain, confident and positive. You have an anchored hope and look forward to the future. You return to your most authentic nature, you are strong, brave, emotionally balanced, you are able to speak and live in their truth, without doubt.
  • ¬†You have been reunited with your soul's purpose and return back to living YOUR life and enjoy traveling again no longer needing to plan in fear of the calendar.
  • ¬†You feel like the most authentic, strong, calm and safe version of yourself, stronger than you ever have in many ways. You no longer fear living or speaking your truth and relentless worry, panic, fear, chaos, confusion and pain have melted away. You've moved beyond simply attempting to function, to thriving.
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 Three years ago…

I was deeply suffering from PMDD

  • For 20 plus years I tried everything I knew to help manage or eliminate the pain
  • My life & personal relationships were on the verge of collapse
  • I hit my personal rock bottom
  • I knew I couldn't continue to live another month this way
  • I desired true & lasting healing and freedom
  • I was ready to do whatever it took to find the root cause of my pain

Fast forward to today:
I am PMDD free!
I am a certified & licensed RTT Practitioner & Spiritual Coach 
I run a growing & successful service & soul led business that is bring healing across the world
It is my soul's purpose & calling to share that there is true hope, true healing & true freedom from PMDD

What are previous Living in Luteal clients saying?

I spent a decade trying to find a diagnosis. I didn't want to keep living with chronic pain and fatigue. And it was robbing me of so much. Finally finding out I had PMDD and gaining the knowledge that there was a treatment that could set me free brought tears to my eyes. Hope finally returned. 4 months later, after completing Rachel's program I just had my first luteal phase symptom free in over a decade... I can't begin to explain how amazing this is. My relationships with my kids are better, I'm active, I have interests in my hobbies again, I have energy for life! There is hope. There is
healing for PMDD.

Holly Remaly

The deep seated pain I had felt and pushed down my entire life has been replaced with hope and clarity. I am forever grateful to Rachel for coming into my life and I will always carry everything I learned during this process with me. I have become the best version of myself for family, partner, friends and clients.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. If you have found Rachel, there is a reason for it. Follow your intuition!

Emily Williams

Rachel's 'Living in Luteal' program was life changing. Having struggled with PMDD for so many years, I am amazed at how quickly I was able to let it all go. There was definitely an extra level of comfort I had with Rachel given she has also healed from PMDD, which is typically not the case with other professionals. She is so knowledgeable and has such a calm and supportive energy. I can not recommend her enough!

Amy Feldhacker

I decided to listen to my gut instead and start the program with Rachel! Thank goodness I did because at the beginning of the program I was not in a good place at all. I was depressed, angry, hopeless, filled with fear, fatigued, binge eating and had zero confidence just to name a few.
Today I have done a complete 180! I have so much energy, so positive, and my confidence has been restored! I owe this all to Rachel! I no longer have any of my PMDD symptoms plus she has helped me in so many other areas of my life! I am forever grateful and I'm looking forward to continue to work with her in the future! She is the kindest, most caring person I've ever met! A true healer! Thank you Rachel

April Nygaard

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